During the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions SHARC continues to deliver its state-wide programs and services, working creatively to ensure our community remains safe, connected and supported.

SHARC, while not open to visitors, can be contacted via  

            Email:             info@sharc.org.au

            Telephone:      (03) 9573 1700

            Website:          www.sharc.org.au

SHARC staff are working remotely and can be contacted via their usual SHARC email address.

All face-to-face meetings, groups and education programs have been temporarily suspended with on-line options being utilised.


Family Drug Help


The Family Drug Helpline (1300 660 068) can be called 24/7.

If the Helpline is busy, callers are encouraged to leave a message to receive a call back.

FDH can be contacted online via the website and by email on fdh@sharc.org.au.

A rich range of Information and resources to support families are available on the website.

InFocus and BreakThrough education programs are being delivered online.

FDH Family Support Groups are now meeting online.

Family Counselling is being delivered by telephone.

Family Gambling Project: The AIRwaves project is continuing delivery via Community Radio. Online delivery of Gambling InFocus and support groups is being trialled.


Peer Projects


Peer Support Mentors in Justice: Peer Projects is working closely with the Family Drug Courts to ensure the Peer Mentors continue to work with the program’s participants via telephone and/or video conferencing.

Discipline Specific Supervision: All supervision services with Peer Workers from all partner agencies are continuing via telephone or Zoom.

Fee-for-Service Training: Online delivery of revised training programs is available; please contact us directly by email for any enquiries – peersupport@sharc.org.au.

AOD Peer Worker Community of Practice continues to meet via Zoom.

The Lived Experience Workforce Forum scheduled for May 2020 has been postponed until further notice.

Intentional Peer Support: Meetings, training and consultations are being delivered by video conferencing.

Contact IPS on au@intentionalpeersupport.org


Residential Peer Programs


Our Recovery Support Services (RSS) program, Oxford Houses and the Understanding and Support Women’s Recovery program continue to provide service delivery via remote working. All residents are receiving ongoing support and connection via telephone and Zoom.

Limited vacancies may become available.

Enquiries can be directed to:  

            RSS and US Women’s Program: rssgroup@sharc.org.au  or 0423 025 552

            Oxford Houses:   ncatmull@sharc.org.au


Association of Participating Service Users


APSU is committed to ensure the consumer voice continues to be represented on all levels.  

Speaker Bureau, LEAP, face to face consultations/focus groups/workshops: All community groups, training and gatherings of people have been postponed, replaced by phone or video conferencing.

Consumer Voice on Committees: APSU continues to attend external meetings with government, working groups, advisory groups through the use of video conferencing.

Flipside magazine: Written by consumers for consumers. We are still receiving submissions for the next issue of the Flipside magazine, on the topic Future (in the past few weeks this topic took a whole new meaning). You can submit a personal story, fiction story, reflection or opinion piece to ekennedy@sharc.org.au

Straight from the Source podcasts: Continuing, with frequency changing from 6 weekly to fortnightly with shorter episodes. The podcasts will provide updates of the current situation as it changes as well as discuss what concerns people may be experiencing as a result of social distancing and how it relates to the services they require.

Facebook: APSU Facebook continues to provide updates to its followers. Every day during the Covid-19 isolation we will post a Gratitude Diary Entry with one thing we are grateful for. We would like to invite you to join us.    Like us on Facebook

Contact the APSU team at apsu@sharc.org.au