The Department of Health and Human Services has recently released an updated version of the Alcohol and other drug (AOD) program guidelines and a new AOD performance management framework.

These updates are in response to new services, changes to existing service arrangements and changes to policy and legislation for Victorian Government-funded AOD programs and services.

These updates recognise SHARC as a leader in Peer Workforce Development, ‘providing training for peer workers and organisational readiness for treatment services. SHARC delivers Peer Workers supervision in groups and individually, as well as consulting to the AOD and Mental Health sectors as experts in Peer Work’.

The new quality, reporting and performance management framework provides information about peer work and the peer workforce in the AOD treatment sector. This includes the key features of peer work, key service requirements and guidelines on planning, development and sustainability.

These guidelines are a useful tool to review in introducing and sustaining a peer workforce and support the expansion of the AOD Peer Workforce.

See the updated guidelines here: