Regina Brindle Foundation – Grant Winners Announcement

SHARC is delighted to announce the successful applicants for the Regina Brindle Foundation Round 2 grants.

  1. Kelly Whitworth – towards “Homelessness in Hotels: Health, Services, and Peer Voices in the COVID-19 Pandemic”, a project aimed at documenting the experiences of Melbourne’s homeless community during the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Russell Chilcott – for “Finding Dad”, a book in children’s format, rated PG-M, unpacking the concepts of anxiety, depression, stigma, addiction and trauma

Congratulations to the grant winners!

The Regina Brindle Foundation was established in 2019 to honour Regina’s legacy in the consumer space. The first round of grants supported two projects: first aiming to set up a community space in Brunswick, and second to establish an Australian Mad Studies Journal. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the first project could not proceed, but a significant progress has been made in the establishment of the Australian Mad Studies Journal.

Foundation grants are announced and opened on 6 December every year, inviting individuals or small groups in Victoria who are past or present consumers of AOD and/or mental health services, to put forward projects that aim to:

  • Promote the consumer voice
  • Promote community engagement and inclusion
  • Promote human rights
  • Promote overcoming of barriers for AOD and/or MH consumers
  • Reduce stigma
  • Reduce disadvantage

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