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A totem pole made by the residents listing some recovery essentials - recognition, mateship, problem solving, awareness. working together, communication and funA resident's tattoo - Beyond fear lies freedomA totem pole made by residents listing some recovery principles: perseverance, listening, compassion, nature, community and support

(Photos of things that are important to us)


Q. How long can I stay at Recovery Support Services?

     A. This will depend on your progress in the program. You can stay with us for up to 12 months.

Q. Do I need to be drug-free to get into RSS?

     A. Yes. We can either help you to get into a drug withdrawal unit or will need you to provide us with 2 drug-free urine screens before you can enter the program.

Q. Can I drink alcohol when I’m in RSS?

    A. No. When you’re in RSS we ask you to remain drug and alcohol-free.

Q. Does RSS cost anything?

     A. There’s no cost for the RSS program itself however you’ll have to pay rent for your property (25% of your income) and pay for personal expenses such as groceries, public transport etc. Your rent will generally come out of your Centrelink payment. If you’re not receiving a Centrelink payment you’ll have to make firm arrangements to have your rent and expenses paid for.

Q. Does RSS provide food?

    A. RSS provides community lunch on a Thursday and community dinner on a Friday evening. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy your own groceries and food.

Q. Will I have to share a bedroom?

     A. No, everyone gets their own room and a key.

Q. Can my family and/or friends come and visit me?

    A. Yes, outside of program hours. You must always check with your housemates first. People who are substance affected may not visit at any time.

Q. Can I have my phone when I’m in RSS?

    A. Absolutely, but you will need to turn it off or to silent during groups.

Q. Can I work/study when I’m in RSS?

    A. During the Entry Phase all residents are required to participate in the day program. If you become a Senior Resident you may work and/or study up to 3 days per week however you need to attend program on the days you’re not working or studying. If, for example, you work a 3 hour shift in the afternoon you’ll need to come to the program in the morning.

Q. Can I have my car when I’m in RSS?

    A. You cannot have your car or drive during the Entry Phase. Once you’ve successfully completed your Entry Phase you can drive and bring your car to the house. If you have your car in RSS you’re still required to travel with the community to external program activities.

Q. Can I go on leave for a night or the weekend??

    A. During the Entry Phase of the program, residents are required to sleep in their own beds every night. Once you’ve successfully completed your Entry Phase you may apply to go on overnight or weekend leave.

Q. What are the Entry and Senior resident phases?

    A. The Entry Phase is usually 60 days in the program although this may be interrupted by being exited or failing to commit to the program. After successfully completing the Entry Phase you’ll be able to use your car and apply for overnight or weekend leave. If, after successfully completing 90 days in the program, you want to commence work and study or take extended leave, you can apply to become a Senior Resident


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