Global Peer Support Day

Global Peer Support Celebration Day (GPSCD) celebrates peer supporters who have ‘been there, done that,’ inspire hope and support those still struggling with mental health, addiction, and or trauma-related challenges.

This is an annual celebration of peer supporters, peer support, and recognizing their work in helping their peers move along the continuum of recovery and inclusion into communities of his/her choosing. GPSCD allows:

1) Peers to recognize and reflect on their contributions and celebrate successes; and

2) Others to celebrate and recognize peer supporters and peer work at national, state and local levels, in the organizations that employee them, and throughout communities.

Today highlights the impact and contributions peer supporters make. When ‘one voice becomes many voices,’ the public-at-large, organizations, co-workers, and others begin to breakdown stereotypes and stigma, and awareness of and support for peer supporters and peer work develops and grows.

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