SHARC/Mind Oxford Houses

Oxford Houses is an open-ended program, providing secure, supportive and affordable homes for people recovering from alcohol and other drugs. Oxford Houses is three quarter way living, where residents are responsible for strengthening their own recovery and accountable for managing the affairs of their home within the Oxford Houses guidelines.

Each house is democratically run by the residents, who are required to pay rent, attend weekly house meetings, complete their chores and fulfill roles within the program that are designed to develop independent living skills.

Oxford Houses has seen many of its residents, after leaving the program, live rich and meaningful lives in active recovery. 


To be eligible for residency at a SHARC’s Oxford House, an applicant needs to:

  • Have been abstinent from alcohol and other drugs for a minimum of 30 consecutive days – this includes pharmacotherapy (such as Methadone and Buprenorphine) and benzodiazepines
  • Be committed to continuing abstinence from alcohol and other drugs
  • Have an active recovery plan
  • Be prepared to participate in the life of the house and abide by the Oxford Houses guidelines


For enquiries or questions, please contact the Oxford Houses team on 03 9573 1775 or email



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