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An invitation for agencies to partner with Family Drug Help (FDH) to deliver effective support for families affected by drug use.

We are delighted to launch our new InFocus Education Program as a fee for service activity around the state.

This six session educational program was developed from research and adapted to local conditions through input and feedback from participants, FDH staff members and volunteers. It’s the latest version of the psychoeducation program we’ve been delivering for 12 years, previously named the Action for Recovery Course (ARC), and is linked with FDH’s family counselling service, support groups and helpline.

The InFocus Education Program runs for six weeks, two hours per week, onsite at your service and can be adapted to meet agency requirements and participant needs.

We invite services to partner with FDH in the delivery of this program to meet the needs of your community.

For information about upcoming delivery of the InFocus Education Program near you or to discuss how FDH might deliver InFocus in your community please call Family Drug Helpline on 1300 660 068

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