What makes me eligible to join a family support group?

If you are concerned about someone else’s alcohol and or drug use you are eligible to attend. The person can be a family member, friend or someone that interacts with you in your life.


What sort of support and education will I receive?

Connecting with others with the same lived experience gives us a sense of not being alone. It allows us to gain insight and learn from their experiences. Our groups also have an education component where we deliver sessions on relevant topics via handouts, DVD’s and guests speakers.


What happens if I see someone I know at the support group?

In our experience this does not happen very often. However if it is does the anonymity clause in our opening guidelines prevents anything that is said in the room to leave the room. Anyone you see at meetings and anything that is said at the meetings, stays at the meeting.


How are the groups run, is there a format?

All our support groups run with the same format. The first half if an education component with a topic for the night delivered via handouts, DVD’s or guest speakers. The second half is individual sharing if you wish to, in a safe uninterrupted respectful environment.


Do I have to speak?

Everyone is invited to share, however if you wish to remain silent and listen that is fine too.


Do I have to attend all the groups?

We suggest you attend three groups, maybe at different locations before you decide if the support group is for you. Different topics, maybe different facilitators are on different nights. You can come as little or as often as you like.