What is counselling?

The purpose of counselling is to support clients with their concerns, fears, worries and stress around their family member’s dependence on substances. It offers a space for family members to tell their story, to make sense of it, to re-define it and gain some support around creating change.


Who can use the service?

FDH’s counselling service is open to any family member who is impacted by a loved one’s substance use. We see parents, grandparents, partners, siblings, adult children, cousins, blended family members and friends.


Do I have to pay anything?

No. This service is free to SHARC clients.


What sort of issues may be discussed?

Topics we often cover in sessions are:

  • Understanding addiction and recovery
  • Family dynamics and the roles we play
  • Boundaries
  • Strategies to help with change


Is the service confidential?

Absolutely. The confidentiality of anything discussed between a counsellor and a client is protected by law. The counsellor cannot disclose that information to anyone (including SHARC, the police or your family) without your very clear permission.

There are some limited exceptions to this and, if you have any concerns, this is something you may raise with the counsellor before telling them.


Where and when is the service provided?

The counselling service is conducted at SHARC’s offices in Carnegie and it runs from Monday – Friday 9-5pm.


I can’t get to Carnegie, do you do phone counselling or video counselling?

Yes we do.


Who provides the service?

Family Drug Help has 2 counsellors – Tracey Alder and Nicole Lockwood.