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Sibling Support


The Sibling Support program is the first of its kind, acknowledging that sibling’s are often invisible to alcohol and drug support services for families. Sibling Support has been developed to specifically address the needs of ‘siblings’ rather than the ‘families’. Recognizing the advances in technology and the new ways services are providing health care to their clients i.e. via the internet, Sibling Support has developed all of its services so that they are accessible online.

Sibling Support aims to address the mental health and wellbeing of all siblings affected by addiction in the family by providing them with a wide range of interactive online support, including fact sheets, stories, emails, videos and Facebook.

Download & Watch a Short Video Here


RIP Davina Tribbick 1984-2017
Davina was an amazing young lady, who made an enormous contribution  to the Sibling site on the SHARC website, she was always strong even when she was not well  and put others around her first. We at SHARC were  very honoured to be part of her life and her contribution to helping others still continues through the sibling website.