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Family Drug Help (FDH) is a service designed specifically to address the support and information needs of parents, other family members and significant others of someone with problematic alcohol or other drug use. People with personal experience of the effects of alcohol or other drug use within their family or friendship group are involved at all levels of the service.

Family Drug Help’s mission is to provide peer support and access to reliable information about alcohol and other drugs as well as available treatment options. FDH aims to reduce the alcohol and drug related harm experienced by families and friends of a person misusing these substances and to strengthen families in their support of that person.

Specifically, Family Drug Help aims to:

  • Recognise that support and information can provide ongoing help and hope to concerned families and friends.
  • Empower families and friends to reduce alcohol and drug-related harm to themselves and the person using alcohol or other drugs through a process of mutual support and self-help.
  • Reduce the isolation and stigma often associated with a family members misuse of alcohol or other drugs by bringing families in contact with others who share these experiences.
  • Provide non-judgemental, empathic support, as well as accurate information on alcohol and other drugs and current available treatment options.





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