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Consumer participation is broadly defined as the process of involving health consumers in decision making about health service planning, policy development, priority setting and quality in the delivery of health services. A consumer is someone who uses, has used, or is eligible to use alcohol and other drug services.

Consumer participation in the alcohol and other drug sector consists of including consumers (as defined above) in the decision making processes around:

  • their own treatment
  • service planning, development, delivery and evaluation
  • AOD policy
  • AOD research
  • education and training of AoD professionals.
We invite you to scroll down and explore the consumer participation resources, activities and better practice examples. (selecting the heading or picture will open a new tab) 

Want to become part of the Consumer Participation Network? 

The Consumer Participation Network is a virtual network of self-identified “champions” from across Victoria and is an outcome of the  Care Ideas Exchange , which was funded by the previous substance misuse grant. APSU’ s website will be an opportunity for the sector to share and provide a central point to gather and keep “Better Practice” resources in consumer participation. Members of the Network will receive the quarterly “Consumer Participation in Action” e news highlighting consumer activities submitted by other network members from across Victoria. 

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Straight from the Source, developed by APSU, is a practical guide to consumer participation in the Victorian alcohol and other drug sector.

Straight from the Source


Broadening the Source, developed by APSU is a practical guide to family participation in the Victorian alcohol and other drug sector.

Broadening the Source



Training Resources




These Consumer Participation training resources are here to assist you and your organisation in successfully implementing and embedding consumer participation into your organisation’s “culture, processes and procedures.



Better Practice” Examples

This page provides examples of Better Practice in consumer participation. From this page you can upload/send us any examples your organisation would like to share. 



 CARE Ideas Exchange– May 2017






The CARE Ideas Exchange is a key outcome of the Consumer Participation Training project, which took place at the ibis Melbourne Hotel & Apartments on Thursday 4th May 2017. Over 90 people, from across Victoria and interstate, attended this full day event focusing on the role and future of consumer participation in the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) sector.



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