Peer workers, like any professional discipline, need quality, standardised training and ongoing professional development. Through extensive research and co-design, SHARC has developed Peer Worker Training. This comprehensive training provides a vital knowledge base for peer workers in the AOD sector, and ensures that the peer workforce has a discipline-specific framework.

The SHARC Peer Worker Training seeks to:

  • Educate peer workers around core concepts and skills within the peer work discipline
  • Assist peer workers to practically apply best practice peer work in formalised settings
  • Assist peer workers to understand the AOD service system in Victoria and the role of care and recovery co-ordination
  • Bring an Intentional Peer Support (IPS) lens to the peer work discipline in AOD
  • Empower peer workers to advocate for the discipline and manage their own wellbeing and development needs
  • Prepare peer workers to work across a number of domains, remaining ‘peer’ within clinical governance frameworks

This 5 day training package was developed through SHARC’s many years of experience in the delivery of peer programs and activities. It continues to be reviewed by SHARC’s Peer Projects and the Victorian AOD Peer Workforce to ensure its currency and applicability. This course is focused entirely on the peer work discipline and specifically designed to provide practical knowledge and skills for existing and emerging Peer Workers in the AOD sector.

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21st, 22nd, 25th, 26th and 27th of February 2019

By Monday 28th January 2019

Please email or call Peer Projects at SHARC to register or if you have any inquiries:
0499 392 994