Are you affected by someone’s gambling?

It’s estimated that for every person who has a problem with gambling, another five to 10 people are negatively affected. A person’s gambling behaviour can have great social, physical and financial impacts on those who are close to them.

Developed by Family Drug Help, a program of SHARC, the InFocus Education Program provides practical support, relevant information, coping strategies and community linkages for those affected by problem gambling. It has been developed with the support of the Ian Potter Foundation, Gamblers Help, and Three Sides of the Coin with Link Health and will be evaluated by Deakin University.

A first of its kind in Australia, this program is delivered through a peer support framework, facilitated by professionals who have also been impacted by gambling related harm.

With an emphasis on personal safety, self-help and empowerment, the program delivers therapeutic and practical content along with the opportunity for people to connect through their shared experiences.

Problem gambling is a complex issue that affects individuals, their families and the wider community. Personal relationships are strained, families become disconnected and the family unit can suffer through desperate attempts to be free from the problem.

At SHARC we understand the challenges you are facing because we’ve been there. We have learnt that trying to control the problem or change the person doesn’t usually provide the desired outcome. Instead we promote bringing our own lives back in focus, we shift our focus from the problem to self-preservation, empowerment and growth, because we find when we keep on doing what we’ve been doing we’ll keep on getting what we’ve always got.

The program is FREE and delivered in a confidential community setting over 4 weeks in 2 hour sessions. We invite you to attend or to refer people from your community who would benefit from this one of a kind program.

 For program information and to book call Family Drug Help at SHARC on 1300 660 068 or click here