In February, SHARC delivered Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Peer Worker Training to existing and emerging Peer Workers across the AOD sector. We would like to congratulate all 26 graduates recognise the many organisations which are introducing a peer workforce as part of their ongoing service delivery.

‘I knew nothing about Peer Work prior to this and now feel confident to be able to fulfil this role’– Peer Worker

Developed in recognition of the need for quality, standardized training for the emerging peer workforce, the comprehensive 5 day training provides a vital knowledge base and ensures that the peer workforce have a discipline specific framework.

‘I have grown both professionally and personally through the SHARC Peer Projects course.’ – Peer Worker

A welcome development was the interest and inclusion of mental health peer workers to the training, further strengthening the relationship between the two sectors.

‘(The training) was professional, knowledgeable, challenging and relevant.’ – Peer Worker

In Victoria, The AOD Peer workforce is recognised as an integral part of quality service delivery, resulting in many organisations formalising and integrating peer work. For anyone interested in peer workforce development and training opportunities please email

‘it was great getting to know other peer workers and realizing we get to lead the way forward in the sector’ – Peer Worker